Asian Activism in Nottingham



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Primary, Nottingham South Asian Heritage Month,


The Asian Activism in Nottingham project was a celebration of the people from the South Asian Diaspora who settled in Nottingham and contributed to to challenging everyday racism in the city. These interventions took many forms, at the workplace, through campaigns and legal challenges, and through music and culture.  Local research was undertaken through oral interviews and archives, and material gathered from 39 local families who weaved the history of South Asian settlement with the history of Nottingham. The stories collected dated from late 1800’s until 2017. The exhibition Primary weaved stories from the past, acknowledging the different histories and memories which make up the present modern day Nottingham. Additionally a ‘walk and talk’ event was held taking people around the streets of Nottingham taking the exhibition to the unforgetten mementos in the landscapes. Finally, we held a meal in the gallery space, providing a opportunity to thank and talk to the families who had donated stories to the exhibition.