Many Rivers to Cross

Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 31st March - 5th May 2018


In close collaboration with Wolverhampton University and Wolverhampton Art Gallery, myself, Anand Chhabra and Vanley Burke will be marking the 50th Anniversary of the 'Rivers of Blood' speech visually. As well examining ethnic minority experiences in Wolverhampton in 1968, we will also be examining the resistance to Powell, and thinking about the legacy of this resistance in modern day multi-cultural Britain.

On Saturday 21 April 2018 a half-day conference will also be organised, to be hosted by the Heritage Centre, once the Conservative club, in Whitmore Reans in Wolverhampton. The conference will allow local residents to reflect on the legacy of the speech and the ways in which people in Wolverhampton have organised anti-racism movements in the past.

Project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Wolverhampton University, and is overseen by Dr Shirin Hirsch.