The Nottingham Photo Social is an informal monthly gathering that offers a platform for local photographers to showcase their photography, improve their skills, and develop their personal approach to their photography projects.

Some of Nottingham's photographers at the Photo Social

Some of Nottingham's photographers at the Photo Social

The Social was established in December 2016 by myself (from Primary studios), with Dan Wheeler and Jake Howe from the Photo Parlour. All three of us are working photographers who undertake both commissioned work, and personal projects. The idea of the monthly Photo Social was simply to provide a space to share ideas and think about photography projects, getting ideas for photographs, and the approach to the process of taking photographs.

The Photo Social are very popular. Over the coming year, we are hoping to organise an ongoing programme of practical workshops, classes and talks, so if your passion is photography or you’d just like to know more about getting involved with photography in Nottingham, come to the event and feel free to contact us at

You can find out more about the Photo Social at the website at